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Branding Made Easy: Getting the Team Together for Headshots

A woman smiles for the camera during a professional headshot.

Team headshots may seem like an unnecessary expense or added effort to an already busy schedule, but they offer far more benefits than drawbacks.

They’re the perfect opportunity to bring your team together for a more cohesive photography and branding strategy and make a lasting impression on clients, investors, and the general public.

Not only do they look great, but they’re also inexpensive and actually quite practical. So how do you get the team together for better branding? Here are some tips from a professional corporate headshot photographer in Charlotte, NC:

Ask everyone to dress in cohesive colors

Ask your team members to dress in cohesive colors for better photographs. For instance, everyone could wear your brand’s colors as part of their outfits or choose to go for solid-colored shirts in darker tones, muted colors, etc. You could also wear the same color, choosing something classic and flattering like black or white. This helps create cohesion and directs attention toward the team and company as a whole rather than individuals.

Encourage them to show off their individuality

But at the same time, encourage them to show off their individuality during team headshots too. You want to show the world that your team is versatile, diverse, accepting, and interesting, and the best way to do that is through subtle individuality, like jewelry, makeup, certain hairstyles, etc.

The idea is for it to be cohesive, not uniform or identical!

A male employee smiles the camera during a team shoot.

Add subtle branding to the photographs

Subtle branding is key for team headshots. Branded merchandise, specific colors, uniforms, and folders are great ways to slip in a reminder of your company. It works especially well for images that you want to use in adverts, on your website, and social media pages, and get them edited with logos, etc.

Set up a proper physical space for photography

Lastly, remember to set up a proper space in your office or store where you’ll get team headshots taken. There should be adequate lighting, necessary seating or furniture, and the space must be clean and visually appealing and private enough so as not to be disturbed during the shoot.

Team headshots in Charlotte, NC can help businesses get a more cohesive brand image for their company. Not only can you contact A Brew & You for corporate headshots in Charlotte, NC, but also brand photography, company photos, and more. Explore their special services, packages, and other options, and book your team headshot session right away!


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