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Hello.. and thanks for stopping in to  A Brew & You!  
My name is Charisma and I am a 15 year experienced portrait photographer as well as a skilled LR & Photoshop re-toucher & image enhancement artist based in Charlotte, NC. I love this beautiful city and it's beautiful people and getting to capture countless precious images & memories for all of you to last your lifetime and for generations to follow... ICING!
I'm excited to share my passion & enthusiasm for meeting new people and personalities and capturing their best image! There's not much in my business life that is more rewarding to me than bringing one's personality through and creating an image straight out of camera to it's eye catching, perfected best that my client will love and have to use for many platforms and for a lifetime!

I have photographed... retouched and enhanced what feels like billions of images and faces over all these years and it has been an amazing journey that has not only enriched my own life and experiences but has also respectively advanced my talents & skills for creating unique, captivating images and has served well in shaping my ability to create the most fun... easy and relaxed atmosphere to bring that through! 

We are all individuals that appreciate being recognized as such. Our image and first impression is so important in many various areas and times throughout this life and digital age as a first impression and first layer to who we are.  You should trust yours to someone who can bring your unique individuality through!

A genuine connection with you as my client and a unique individual comes easy for me and will instantly make you feel relaxed and comfortable in front of my camera to ensure an enjoyable and memorable experience. That ultimately shines through your finished images!

Connect with me and we'll get started!


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