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4 Tips on Deciding What Type of Headshot Is Right for You

 A woman in a monotone suit poses on steps while sitting outdoors

A headshot can make or break your portfolio, depending on the type of photograph you get.

There are various types of headshots that people opt for, even for the same purpose, and it can really drive the point home when you choose the right kind. We love recommending headshots based on clients’ personalities and preferences, and here are some tips to help you make the best decision for yourself:

1. Determine what this headshot will be used for

We offer all types of headshot services to clients, ranging from your standard corporate headshot to entertainment industry headshots to actors and models, portfolio headshots for influencers and artists, photos for your dating profile, headshots for proms, and other occasions. Each option catered to a specific niche and purpose, and you should determine what that is for you before you proceed.

If you want to use your headshot for your business or workplace, a corporate headshot works, but if you simply want a great photograph that serves multiple purposes, a general session works too!

2. Scope out the general vibe for the photos

See what kind of vibe each option offers. We make sure that no matter what type of headshot our clients choose, we let their personality shine through in every photograph. However, it helps to know how each category varies from one another. Headshots for a dating profile will offer more insight into who you are as a person, but headshots for acting will show your depth and capabilities on camera. It’s all about the focus, and while you can use either type interchangeably, more specialized results require specialized input.

A man smiles for a professional headshot while posing against a backdrop

3. Look into what options your photographer recommends

Another great tip for deciding which type of headshot you need is to simply go based on your photographer’s recommendations. We have extensive experience working with clients of all backgrounds and requirements, so we could come up with a unique solution that helps you get exactly what you need. For instance, we might suggest layering a jacket over a fun outfit and removing that mid-way to get both work-appropriate and personal-use headshots. There are several ways you can make the most out of our headshot photography services in Charlotte, NC.

4. Don't be afraid to share your suggestions

However, don’t be afraid to share your own suggestions and input too. We love when clients engage in their own sessions, share ideas and recommendations, and come up with solutions. This way, we can brainstorm together to deliver the perfect result.

You can get professional headshots in Charlotte, NC, through A Brew & You. We offer corporate, acting, and event portraits and various other kinds of professional headshots in Charlotte, NC, helping clients look and feel their best. You can contact us to learn more about our work and schedule a session for the type of headshot you want!


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