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Senior Portraits


Capturing the exciting, emotional and precious milestone of senior year in the most uniquely custom, edgy and expressive way is a top specialty of mine! You will want to experience all of the amazing seniors of our community, past and present that I have had and continue to have the honor of creating an unforgettable experience and a lifetime of  breathtaking images for!  They absolutely do deserve a place all their own to be seen and honored and I am excited to direct you to my seniors/teens website for you to have a look around.  Oh and just so you know... if you would like something a little more detailed/styled and custom... I can create that for you as well even if you have long left high school behind!  Perhaps you are a college senior and would like to capture that amazing time in your life!  Just request info for those sessions on the contact form and I'll be happy to get it out to you!

Photo of High School Senior
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